Fuck milk, all my homies hate milk. I have never once had anyone ask me for a god damn glass of milk. That shit sucks so god damn bad I would exterminate all cows on earth if I had the chance. Those piece of shit cows have no right to introduce something so horrible onto this planet. I would gladly give myself dick cancer if it meant never having to see a glass of milk again in my life. I would sacrifice everything I have to rid this world of that calcium filled drink.

Chocolate milk is absolutely ok in my book tho.

THE FUCK YOU SAY TO ME YOU LITTLE SHIT! HeEaHhAhAhahAHA how are yo- how are you not in fucking school. You kiss your mother with thatmouth? It's called-it's called you kiss your mother with that fucking mouth? hUehueHEHUhue he's so [inaudible] HeuHEHEueehEUe because the fucking youth of socie- AHAhHAHEheHEhPP[wind tunnel] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEY YOU SHUT UP WHEN I'M TALKING TO YOU! YOU SHUT YOUR MOUTH